Fluent Integrated Marketing Spoken Here.
We've been known to have the same effect on our clients.
Euphoria is never over-rated.
We love when our campaigns shake things up!
Never underestimate the power of small
Success is in Consistency

Established in 1988 and headquartered in Orange, CT, our philosophy is to go deeper into what we do than
anyone else. Approaching every account with a left brain/right brain mentality, we like to cultivate and
nurture our clients. There really is no client, company or product that cannot benefit from this kind of thinking
and creative process.

We believe unwaveringly in this practice as a remarkable business advantage for both our clients and ourselves.

Our roots in the business of creative marketing and branding span over 25 years, working in some of the
largest ad agencies in the country and partnering with many Fortune 500 companies.

Too many agencies spend too much time chasing what’s new at the expense of what works.
DeJoseph, Ohlsen Group, LLC offers all the service, resources and strategic acumen you expect of a
sizeable firm, with the edge and soul of an independent shop.

We used to think bigger was better. Smaller, balanced and engaged is more valuable.