Fluent Integrated Marketing Spoken Here.
Never underestimate the power of small
Success is in Consistency
Euphoria is never over-rated.
We've been known to have the same effect on our clients.
We love when our campaigns shake things up!
DeJoseph Ohlsen Group, LLC is an agency founded on the simple idea that the work
we produce should be smart, creative, fun and connect with your customer with a fresh perspective.
Unlike agencies on a quest to be bigger, we are focused on simply being better.
We believe it’s about timeliness and creating ideas with an IQ.

It has been our experience that the best clients will compliment us. And vise versa.
We make a point to really know and understand the ins and outs of our clients’
business and forge strong bonds.

Our goal is to create ideas and implement campaigns with passion, effectiveness
and some “bite”. And let's not forget what's truly important -
Common sense. Simple good manners. And treating people like people.

It’s all about making our clients happy and profitable by doing what we love to do.